About the Skipper

Manuel Tremmel
Manuel Tremmel
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Manuel Tremmel and I am the Skipper of s/y Mozzo. I am a a German from Bavaria and study computer science in Munich. I am a very "passionate sailor", meaning that I am absolutely in love with sailing!
I have 12 years of sailing experience on sailboats of various sizes, (mostly in the position of the Skipper). In the last 2 years alone, I sailed over a distance of more than 17,000 Nm.
  • What I like most about sailing is to get to know many amazing people, whom I can and could bring joy to with my sailing trips - and this is my motivation.
  • Sailing with people who can be motivated for sailing and who want to learn as much as they can is an experience I like the most.
  • Safety is a priority. As we all want to enjoy the pleasure of sailing as long as possible, this should be a matter of fact.
  • It is basically always possible to steer clear of ports & marinas, to avoid having to pay expensive mooring fees.
Some of my previous sailing trips:
  • Summer 2007: sailing in Croatia from Rovinj to Hvar & back
  • Summer 2008: various routes between the Aegean sea & Sardegna
  • Summer 2009: Malta - Saredegna - Formentera - Gibraltar - Portugal & back via Barcelona, Corse & Capri to Malta
  • ...
Manuel Tremmel
See you aboard s/y Mozzo!
Your Skipper Manuel