What to bring


The boat is fully insured. Nonetheless, this does not relieve any participant from sharing the responsibility equally for providing for a safe and enjoyable trip for all involved. Each Crewmember must be willing to assume liability for any damage caused by their negligence.

Each participant is responsible for their own personal health, accident & liability costs; therefore, it is necessary that each Crewmember have their own insurance. A travel health insurance is highly recommended.

Essential Documents

Passport: All participants are responsible for ensuring that they are in possession of a valid passport or national identity card. All Crew, particularly Non-EU citizens are responsible for having all necessary visas PRIOR to embarkation.

Due to the fact that the Skipper may be called upon by Coast Guard & port authorities to provide a Crew list supported by identification for each of his crew, each Crewmember will be obliged to surrender, upon embarkation, their passport or national identity card to the Skipper, who, in turn, will safeguard the passport/card in his possession for the duration of your onboard stay.

Travel Tickets: All participants may be required to provide proof that they have the financial means to leave the yacht and to return to their place of residence. Acceptable proof would be an outbound airline, train or bus ticket or a valid credit card. The Skipper accepts no responsibility for providing any financial assistance to any Crewmember who is unable to pay for their return journey home.

Insurance Documents: All participants must provide proof that they have adequate Medical insurance (Accident & Liability insurance is highly recommended) by being in possession of a valid insurance card or documents indicating the insurers name, telephone number and policy number.

Disclaimer: All Crewmembers need to fill out the Disclaimer and bring a printed copy with them.

What to bring

Aside from the important documents listed above, all participants are encouraged to bring as little as possible! Useful items to bring are:

What not to bring

Please don't bring hard-shell, wheeled suitcase as baggage.


It will help if you keep your personal stuff organized. Always use duffel bags, backpacks or other soft luggage to pack in. There's no room to store hard-shell, wheeled suitcases. Once onboard, either unpack into the storage spaces shown to you by the Skipper, or live out of your luggage. When you get ready for the day, try to plan what clothes and things you'll need. Keep these packed on top. Your crew mates will appreciate it if you try to keep your stuff organized, and you'll have an easier time.
I look forward to having you aboard. And may we always have fair winds!
Ich freue mich schon auf unseren Törn!